Translucent white perforated (providing some privacy at night)

Translucent white perforated (providing some privacy at night)

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  • Sheer/translucent for good daytime privacy and some privacy at night
  • View from inside has a white tint
  • For inside or external window installation
  • Perforated

The perforated PVC window film is translucent white on both sides. It provides good one-way vision privacy during daytime and helps to obscure the view into buildings at night (with the right internal lighting). It creates a similar effect as net/sheer curtains but with better see-through from inside (with a white tint). It is an attractive option compared with frosted or etch films which allow no view outside.

Blinds or curtains may still be required at night depending on the lighting conditions inside the room.

The perforations cover 30% of the surface area which allows natural light into rooms. Unlike conventional window tinting, reflective or mirrored window films, Contra Vision® Privacy Window Films™ do not block the view outside at night (these other films become mirrors at night when looking from the inside). Contra Vision® Privacy Window Films™ also avoid the dazzle and uncomfortable glare from reflective/mirror films when viewed from the outside.

An added benefit is a reduction in solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation. This can help offices, public buildings and homes to be more comfortable living environments with lower air conditioning costs.

Our perforated films are very easy to apply to windows because air bubbles do not get trapped underneath. Instructions and an applicator tool are provided.

  • 30% transparency
  • Special low-tac adhesive to make it easy to remove the film afterwards without leaving mess behind.
  • High quality polymeric PVC with a much longer lifespan (2-5 years) than cheaper monomeric PVC window films.
  • Waterproof.
  • 70% UV Protection